Inappropriate Activity Detected fix for Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of the Erdtree
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A message telling people "Inappropriate Activity Detected" in Shadow of the Erdtree coming up even when they haven't done anything wrong has been a bug for many players since the Elden Ring expansion launched, mainly on PC. This is a message that's supposed to come up when people are cheating, but right now some are experiencing a glitch wherein summoning or being summoned - i.e., engaging with multiplayer - is causing it to trigger, even when the user hasn't done anything wrong.

How to fix the Inappropriate Activity Detected glitch in Shadow of the Erdtree

If the "Inappropriate Activity Detected" message is coming up in Shadow of the Erdtree for you when you try to summon or at any other point, the best thing for PC players to do is verify the integrity of the game's files and then restart the game (it's PC players for whom the issue seems to be most prevalent).

This comes straight from the horse's mouth, as FromSoftware themselves have acknowledged the issue on Twitter and communicated that as being the best move. If you're not sure how to verify the integrity of the game's files on Steam, right-clicking on the game in your Library and selecting the "Properties" menu should bring it up as an option.

It's possible that there'll be a fix for this in the future with later patches and updates to Shadow of the Erdtree, but for the time being this is the best solution. Otherwise our only other advice is to redownload the game fully, as well as confirming that no mods are installed on Elden Ring.

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