Elden Ring is finally complete: Let Me Solo Her finishes Shadow of the Erdtree as Let Me Solo Them, perfectly destroying the DLC's final boss with its biggest weakness

Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her
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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree brings a glorious chapter of FromSoftware history to a close, and what better way to end it than with a triumphant sendoff from community hero Let Me Solo Her, initially a famed Malenia slayer, then Messmer destroyer Let Me Solo Him, and now Let Me Solo Them, dismantler of the DLC's final boss.

Shadow of the Erdtree final boss spoilers ahead. 

"Finally, the trilogy," Let Me Solo Her says in his latest YouTube video, which shows off a near-five minute, utterly flawless fight against Radahn, Consort of Miquella, an infamously difficult boss that reignited debates about hitboxes, animation timings, multiplayer scaling, and plenty more FromSoftware discourse classics. 

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We've got everything you need to beat the Shadow of the Erdtree final boss Radahn right here in our guide, but if you're looking to do it the old-fashioned way, Let Me Solo Them's fight is a great display of a few helpful tricks. For starters, his classic jar-headed getup is so light that he can use the game's fastest roll speed, which is uniquely capable of dodging some of Radahn's notorious combos. 

The real killer app here is our hero's choice of weapon. Let Me Solo Them brings three Antspur Rapiers into the fight: one attuned to bleed for phase one, one for poison to deal even more damage over time, and a frostbite rapier for phase two. All three weapons apply the rot status effect which will rapidly chip away at the boss's health – a counterplay that's not only lore-accurate given Radahn's historic fight against rot goddess Malenia, but also one that's extra effective against a boss that has both a massive health bar and long attack windows where you can't get in any damage.  

Bleed damage on the first rapier helps shred through phase one, and the frostbite on the second rapier claims a comparable chunk of health while also reducing Radahn's defense. The poison of the third is just the cherry on top. This strategy works wonders, with all four statuses weakening the boss while Let Me Solo Them dances through the fight without taking a single hit. 

The fact that the host of this session, watching wide-eyed from the sidelines, is named "Im Sorry" is just icing on the cake. This is Elden Ring, folks, distilled down to its purest form: a horseshit boss reduced to a sputtering pile of status effects by a wild lad with a pot on his head and jolly cooperation in his heart. 

Shadow of the Erdtree gives Elden Ring heroes 'Let Us Duo Her' a new way to wreck Malenia: Kick her into stun-locked mush for 35,000 damage.

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