Shadow of the Erdtree gives Elden Ring heroes 'Let Us Duo Her' a new way to wreck Malenia: Kick her into stun-locked mush for 35,000 damage

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Elden Ring's Malenia has another challenger: two near-naked players that can stun-lock the legendary boss for a massive 35,000 damage.

You've heard of Let Me Solo Her, the Elden Ring player that was so good at tackling Malenia head-on that he was sent an actual sword by publisher Bandai Namco. Now meet 'Let Us Duo Her,' who follow the same basic teachings as Let Me Solo Her, only now two buff, mostly nude warriors turn up to repeatedly kick Malenia in a ruthless combo which can reach upwards of 30,000 damage thanks to multiplayer health scaling.

The clip below is perfectly orchestrated. The first half of the duo is summoned in and has the Host of Fingers kneel before them while their counterpart gets drawn into the game. Our two buff friends enter Malenia's arena at the same time, flanking the original host player like they're personal bodyguards. Looking at the rest of the clip, I guess you could call them bodyguards. 

NEW Malenia Cheese (Let us duo her) from r/Eldenring

What happens next is so brutal I could scarcely believe it: Let Us Duo Her repeatedly lock Malenia in a stagger animation with nothing but martial arts kicks. When one player's volley ends, the other fills in for them, and vice versa, leaving the boss unable to launch a single attack after her opening volley. Malenia is powerless before the two strongest weapons a Tarnished could ask for: the foot, and the other foot.  

If you're wondering where Shadow of the Erdtree comes into play here, that's because the attacks the duo are using are tied to the 'Dryleaf Whirlwind' Ash of War. This is part of the new martial arts weapon type the Elden Ring DLC introduced, and you can see just how powerful it is in this boss takedown. Give our guide on how to get Martial Arts in Shadow of the Erdtree a read for how to unlock Dryleaf Dane's setup for yourself. Just don't expect to infinitely stagger everything you fight.

If you thought Malenia would put up more of a fight in her second phase, you'd be sorely mistaken. The boss is yet again locked down by martial arts strikes until she's eventually left open for a critical attack from one of the duo. Naturally, both players are racking up bleed damage for massive hemorrhage procs at the same time. I almost feel bad for her here - and so must Miquella. This may genuinely be the easiest Malenia kill I've ever seen. 

Make sure you're up to an appropriate level of power in the new DLC with our Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragments guide.

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