Game Ads of Yesteryear

Above: The truth is many kill themselves when faced with playing this game

Above: Guess we weren’t the only ones whose mothers made us wear a helmet indoors

Above: Is this what the publisher thinks Chinese people look like?

Above: We’re guessing this game is about killing penguins, a noble pursuit

Above: That alien design is so original; it just screams “alien”

Above: He’s such a renegade he breaks his own logo

Above: The mutation makes them look and sound worse, and can only be played two at a time

Above: The ultimate dragon slayer is love

Above: At last, a game that will beat up your dad

Above: That’s Elway’s thinking face, which he must employ to best a stereotypical nerd

Above: Yes it’s the legendary Fabio cover to this long forgotten game, because kids love Fabio