Game Ads of Yesteryear

Above: Ironically the hardest thing to save was the fatally flawed Game Gear, no matter how many giant back packs it had

Above: With a grainy screen like that it’s worth $100

Above: You laugh now, but Game Genie did so much for the people of Bosnia

Above: “You shall die this night, Billy. Mark my words!”

Above: This guy Kwirk is so rad he can balance his game on his finger. Keep on trucking, you chill tomato

Above: Mario’s arm holding the spoon looks broken

Above: Tell your science teacher that at the heart of every atom is a Game Boy

Above: No game since has had a “special appearance” by anybody. It’s like Spider-Man is Bette Midler on Golden Girls

Above: What is this an ad for? Why didn’t Sega just burn their money?

Above: I don’t know printed page, it all looks so amazing it must be on a wondrously huge CD

Above: This ad dares to make fun of its out-of-shape audience