Game Ads of Yesteryear

Above: Eight different systems at once? And a cataclysmic crash of the games industry follows a couple years later? Whodda thunk?

Above: Frogger lives in a suicide-inducingly sad world with everything out to kill him

Above: It scares us to think our military still uses an Odyssey

Above: Ever since his death, Tutankham has been waiting for a home video game about himself

Above: You’ll need to turn your skin blue to command Air Wolf

Above: A “Password Feature” was once worth advertising

Above: We believe that quote is Mark Twain’s

Above: Somebody’s compensating

Above: We never knew a plastic sword and a rubber throwing star held so much POWER!

Above: So in Castlevania III you change from Simon Belmont to Dracula to a ghost to a pirate? Also, this ad offers a chance to visit Transylvania, probably the most disappointing trip a child can take

Above: A little known fact about old Vlad is that he loves off-road racing