Full Auto sequel in the works

Full Auto seems to be doing well on the Xbox 360, but apparently not well enough, because Sega today announced that Full Auto 2: Battlelines is in development as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Like the original, Full Auto 2 will be a high-speed racing blastfest that lets you destroy and manipulate each track to your advantage. As before, there's a huge focus on causing as much devastation and mayhem as possible, and you'll be able to cut corners and crush competitors with a few well-placed shots.

The sequel will add six different multiplayer arenas, each one associated with a different kind of multiplayer game; one, for example, will be a deathmatch arena, while another will be a team-driven base assault, and so on.

The single-player game engine is being redesigned as well, with a branching storyline and 20 different tracks spread across six different areas (which will hopefully remedy the first game's lack of variety). The "Unwreck" feature from Full Auto will return as well, letting you rewind when you've made a fatal mistake.

Battlelines will also feature 25 different vehicles, ranging from muscle cars to more "industrial" rides, and each one can be customized with new weapons and color schemes. With any sort of luck, we'll be seeing more next week at E3.

May 2, 2006

Mikel Reparaz
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