From Mars to Vietnam, here's your first in-game look at Far Cry 5's strange season pass DLC

Art of an astronaut from Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars.

Ever since the sci-fi spectacle of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, it's been crystal clear that this series isn't afraid to get weird. These new screenshots of Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab)'s Season Pass DLC prove that nothing has changed in that regard. Ubisoft gave us a look at Far Cry 5's plans for a player-created Arcade, and it also gave us a little peek at the game's three planned DLC episodes coming.

The DLC episodes could hardly be more different from one another without suddenly switching genres entirely (though a Far Cry visual novel doesn't sound half bad). We'd already seen some art (opens in new tab) but this is our first in-game look at the zombie slaying, Viet Cong eluding, space bug stomping action. No, that doesn't happen all at once - Far Cry isn't that weird (yet) First up is a new screen from the Lost on Mars episode. 

So much for Mars being a lifeless planet. That dead alien in the foreground looks like it could've tunneled straight out of Starship Troopers before meeting its demise at the end of the astronaut's space-shotgun. You can see a trio of flying creatures that probably aren't too friendly either, though the futuristic station in the distance looks to be intact. Just another day in the life of a Mars colonist? Next we head back to Earth for the Dead-Living Zombies episode. 

Well, you've probably played one or twenty first-person shooters with zombies in them before. But if I know anything about Far Cry, Dead-Living Zombies will be gleefully cheesy, like fighting your way through an early '80s horror movie. I wouldn't mind an open-world take on a Call of Duty Zombies campaign. Last up, it's time to return to reality with the Hour of Darkness episode. 

Heading into the Vietnam War after fighting space aliens and glow-eyed zombies feels like a tonal traffic accident. For better or worse I expect Ubisoft will go for a Rambo, action-movie vibe rather than dwelling on the horrors of the war. And laying siege to a bunch of military camps in the jungle is Far Cry's specialty, so Far Cry: Vietnam happening was pretty much just a matter of time.]

Ubisoft hasn't said when Far Cry 5's Season Pass DLC will roll out, though you'll also get a free copy of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition with the purchase. Put that together with making a bear friend (opens in new tab) in Far Cry 5 and you should be busy for a while.

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