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Fox announces release dates for The Wolverine 2, The Fantastic Four 2 and an untitled Marvel film

20th Century Fox has made some major releasing announcements about a whole raft of forthcoming projects, including sequels to The Wolverine and The Fantastic Four .

The sequel to The Wolverine will hit US screens on 3 March 2017, while The Fantastic Four will receive a second instalment later that year, on 14 July.

Even more exciting is the mention of an untitled Marvel film, which is currently pencilled in for 13 July 2018. An X-Men spin-off perhaps?

In addition to those projects, Fox has also confirmed that Taken 3 will land on 9 January 2015, while an unspecified Ridley Scott film will be released on 4 March 2016.

Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service is now expected on 24 October 2014, while Daniel Radcliffe star-vehicle, Frankenstein, will move to 2 October 2015.

Plenty to look forward to there, then, with that untitled Marvel project sure to set tongues wagging and rumours circulating. Feel free to join in, in the comments below…

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