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How to watch the Fortnite World Cup: Stream, schedule, players and more

We're down to the final day so if you're wondering how to watch the Fortnite World Cup, we've got it covered for you. The Fortnite World Cup Duos Winners (opens in new tab) were crowned yesterday, with the Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am (opens in new tab) taking place the day before, and it's all come down to this. Whoever wins will instantly become one of the top 10 esports earners of all time, so there's a lot at stake in the biggest Fortnite event of all time. Read on for everything you need to know on how to watch the Fortnite World Cup: stream, schedule, players, and more, and check out our live updates of the Fortnite World Cup Solos winners (opens in new tab) here.

Fortnite World Cup schedule

Fortnite World Cup schedule

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite World Cup schedule is taking place across three days: Friday 26 July until Sunday 28 July, but each day has a different competition taking place. Here's the complete Fortnite World Cup schedule for those watching at home (all times are in ET):

Friday, 26 July

  • 12:30pm: Creative Finals pre-show
  • 1:00pm: Creative Finals games start
  • 4:00pm: Celebrity Pro-Am

Saturday, 27 July

  • 12:30pm: Duos Finals pre-show
  • 1:00pm: Duos Finals games start
  • 4:45pm: Duos Finals winners ceremony

Sunday, 28 July

  • 12:30pm: Solos Finals pre-show
  • 1:00pm: Solos Finals games start
  • 4:45pm: Solos Finals winners ceremony

If you're attending the Fortnite World Cup in person, you can find the complete schedule including the fan festival and stadium opening/closing times on the official site (opens in new tab).

Fortnite World Cup stream

You can watch the Fortnite World Cup on either the Twitch stream embedded above, or the YouTube stream below. Note that if you want to obtain the exclusive in-game items from the Fortnite World Cup, you'll need to follow our guide on how to link your Epic and YouTube accounts (opens in new tab) and make sure you're watching on YouTube! You can also catch all of the previous qualifying events over on the Fortnite Twitch (opens in new tab) channel VODs.

Fortnite World Cup players

Here are all of the qualified players for the Fortnite World Cup, for all four of the events taking place:

SolosDuosCreativeCelebrity Pro-Am
slayaWarriors CoverH + Warriors TwizzhiimtylerhNinja + Marshmello
Faze FaxFoxCR.bell btw + Scarletzand ッAirwaks + RL Grime
E11 StompyNRG benjyfishy + NRG MrSavageMSuezhooDenkops + Xavier Woods
TQ Prisi0n3roFaZe Mongraal + mitr0msyb-DrLupo + Sigala
NRG benjyfishyE11 Tschiiinken + E11 StompyClytaxOne_Shot_Gurl + Chandler Riggs
hREDS BELAEULootboy Mexe + Lootboy SkramxSaandiLachlan + Liam McIntyre
Gambit.letw1k3Lazarus Crimz + SpadesTwitch TalDak723Tfue + Nav
LeStream NaytouMSF Clix + MSF ScepticFaZe KazMoyorz87 + RJ Mitte
DiegoGB uwuEnvy LeNain + LG Tyler15TacoSinooh + Oh.King
DRGC9 pfzin + C9 NicksSAMSUNG art1erAlexia Raye + Jordyn Jones
CODE leleo100T Arkhram1x + Bloom FalconerCode MagMaGhost Sean + Nick Shanholtz
SEN BughaGambit.fwexY + Gambit.letw1k3ChappyCloakzy + Witt Lowry
FaZe Dubs.COOLER Nyhrox + COOLER aquaMrKeroro10 L2R2CourageJD + Sean O'Malley
Ghost BizzleVHV Crue + VHV ChapixRyanFrantaSolary Yoshi + Freddie Stroma
TSM_ComadonGO Deadra + GO M11Zbentz0rChigua + Robleis
Liquid VividNRG Zayt + Ghost SafSvennossImMarksman + JT Brown
100T CeiceTempo Brush + Tempo CizLuckyRogue AlexJJTimTheTatMan + Dante Basco
C9 Snow.Nate Hill + FaZe FunkSAMSUNG carnifexNICKMERCS + Mario Hezonja
Liquid RiversanKNG Leno + KNG BarlDraceus_Calango + Caue Moura
KNG Catvoix + parpyHuizhiPai Tambem Joga + Detonator
ymqB_P0tNewbeeXXM-CN + Newbee_xMende.cnKoutoxActionJaxon + Sarunas Jackson
CR RuriSolary Airwaks + Solary Nikof4TurtleEwok + Jordan Fisher
DV1 luKISolary Hunter + Solary KinstaarCode 0000Nick Eh 30 + Max Carver
RBK LeftEyeLnuef + QuintenJacob + Clare Grant
FledermoysVP 7ssk7 + VP JAMSIDELoserfruit + Alison Wonderland
BL Tchub100T Ceice + 100T ElevateMuselk + Wax Motif
KNG CoreGamingg.coL Lanjok + coL PunisherDoigby + Cody Walker
Eon wakieFaZe Megga. + FaZe Dubs.Ghost Aydan + Robert Abisi
lolb0omwisheydp + GusTavox8Jelty + Gaborever
Secret_DomentosKNG little + KNG Jay.FearItself + Mackenzie Bourg
SNG LasersE11 Itemm + Derox.Wildcat + David Williams
kurtzOslo. + Not BadSniperWade.CN + Jawn Ha
TfueCOOLER 4zr + COOLER NowardTheSlayer360 + Greer Grammer
MSF ClixEon RedRush + Eon znappyExile + Ashley Rickards
KNG UnknownTetchra + EclipsaeSymfuhny + Vinnie Pergola
FaZe FunkRoAtDW + E11 BlooTeaFaZe Kay + Kyle Kaplan
Nittlecode ronaldo + XXIFSev7n + PC Siqueira
CLG psalmGhost Sean + Ghost AydanFrapzz + Edwin Hodge
EpikWhalefrom the village + hype lwnlNeckokun + Elly
karhuTriggerQQ Flame + TriggerQQ UniqXpertThief + Joey Fatone
LinkLZR Wolflez + LZR RojoAli-A + Aaron Gordon
Meta PeterpanLeStream Skite + LeStream VatoSlogoman + Jeremy Ray Taylor
Atlantis LetsheFaZe Vorwenn + Atlantis TuckzFlakes Power + Edukof
x-komAGO JARKOSE11 Klusia + SNG Th0masHDZorman + Jared Abrahamson
E11 KlusiaSlackes + KeysFNOscurlod + Dedreviil
NRG MrSavageMTSM_Zexrow + TSM.Vinny1xMrFreshAsian + Desmond Chiam
Ghost Issayung calculator + coL MackWoodVodka + Alexander
Snayzy9z xown + 9z kingMyth + Michael Drayer
Fnatic smeefEpikWhale + 4DRStormIFaris + DJ Van
TrainH BlastR.Friz + Bizness Boi
NRG Zayt
RIOT kolorful
FaZe Megga.
Envy Bucke
100T Klass
1400 Rhux UwU
twins lwnl
Code Meta-Hood-J
T1 Ar1us
TrainH Robabz
Solary Kinstaar
Atlantis K1nzell
RS Clarity
Thiccboy Luneze
KNG Chenkinz
KNG Fatch.
C9 Nicks
9z king
1400 Pika
sozman lwnl
MSF Endretta
VHV Crue
LeStream Skite
FaZe Mongraal
LeStream Blaxou
MRKN Kawzmik
LZR Legedien
LZR Hornet
LZR Kreo
100T Arkhram1x

For everything else on the event, head to the official Fortnite World Cup page (opens in new tab) which includes a long FAQ and more details.

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