Where to find Fortnite Safes and stock up on Bars

Fortnite Safes
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Fortnite safes are handy little vaults you can find spawning randomly across various set locations on the map, and helpfully they're not as secure as you might think. There's no specialist safe cracking knowledge required to open them up, or even a minigame to complete, as you just need to interact with them. Wait a couple of seconds, and once you've got the door open you'll receive a decent stack of Bars to boost your overall bank balance.

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These lockers will also be of interest to those following the Fortnite quests for Week 4, as one of them tasks players to open a Lock with a Key in Fortnite, and a safe in the same match, so for that you'll need to know where both actions can be completed. As safes spawn semi-randomly and Keys are also random drops in Fortnite this may require a bit of luck, but if you visit one of the areas we suggest then you should be successful. If you're ready to get rich quick, then we've got the lowdown on where to find Fortnite safes around the island.

Fortnite Safes locations

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We've marked all of the Fortnite safes locations that have been spotted so far on the map above, though you should bear in mind that they are not guaranteed to spawn there in every match, so don't be too surprised if you head to an area and can't find what you're looking for – or if another player has already emptied it. There are clusters of possible spawns in places such as Rave Cave, Lustrous Lagoon, Cloudy Condos, and everyone's favourite sweat spot Tilted Towers, so if you're targeting Fortnite safes then those would be good places to aim for.

Unlike chests, Fortnite safes don't make any sort of noise alerting you to their presence, so you'll need to seek them out once you arrive in their area. They are often found in shops, restaurants, offices, or bedrooms though, which may help you narrow down your search range. Once you've found one of the Fortnite safes, just follow the Search interaction prompt and wait a couple of seconds, then a pile of bars will be added to your balance.

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