Fortnite Lighthouses: Where to visit all three

Two of the Fortnite Lighthouses
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If you're aware of Fortnite Lighthouses from previous incarnations then you'll probably be thinking of Lockie's Lighthouse, the iconic red and white striped tower that was a clear landmark on the coast of the battle royale island for a considerable amount of time. That's now gone from the world of Fortnite, though it has been (sort of) replaced by three brand new lighthouses in the fresh biome that are ready to be searched out. You need to go to all of these in the same match for one of the Fortnite quests, so it pays to know where they are to plan a route between them. We're here to help with that, so this is how to visit the three lighthouses in a single match of Fortnite.

Where are the lighthouses in Fortnite

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There are a total of three lighthouses in Fortnite, which can all be found in the new biome to the southeast side of the island. They are in the following places in proximity to various named locations:

  1. To the southeast of Steamy Springs
  2. To the southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing
  3. To the northeast of Knotty Nets

One of the Fortnite Lighthouses

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Be aware that these Fortnite Lighthouses don't look like the traditional towers with a beacon of light shining from the top, but rather the pagoda style of building as shown above. To complete the quest associated with them, you need to visit the three lighthouses in a single match of Fortnite, so if you want to avoid other players interrupting you then wait until the storm starts closing in on a different area or hug the southeast coast to keep out of their way.

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