How to open a Holo-Chest with a Key in Fortnite

Fortnite Holo-Chests
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Fortnite Holo-Chests are a recent addition to the battle royale, and basically function as miniature vaults. The standard versions of these containers house various Epic and Legendary items, which you can see a preview of as holograms floating above them as you approach, but you'll need to find a Key before you can unlock one of these special chests to claim the reward inside. You may also spot Exotic Holo-Chests in certain locations, which as expected contain an Exotic item, though you'll need two Keys in order to open those up.

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They were due to be featured in one of the Fortnite quests for Week 3, which would have tasked you to open a Holo-Chest with a Key at a gas station. However, due to an unspecified issue this quest has been dropped for the time being, though it may be reused in the future. Naturally this presents several questions that need answering, such as where do you find these Keys in Fortnite, which gas stations have Holo-Chests near them, and how do you actually open them when you get there. We're here to help with all of that, so read on for the lowdown on where to find Fortnite Holo-Chests and how to use a Key to open them.

Fortnite Holo-Chests locations

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There are Fortnite Holo-Chests dotted all over the island, so there are plenty of places you can go to find them. However, if you're taking on the Week 3 quest then you'll specifically need to open one of these special chests found in Fortnite gas stations, which we've indicated in a different color so you can pick them out.

How to open a Fortnite Holo-Chest with a Key

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In order to open Fortnite Holo-Chests, you first need to collect Keys to unlock them. Unfortunately these are random items, which you can find on the floor or in chests, so you just need to keep searching around as much as possible until you get one. When you have at least one Key, an icon will appear on the right hand side of your display to show your current Key count, which we've highlighted on the screen above. All you need to do then is head to your nearest Fortnite Holo-Chests, at a gas station if needed, then peruse the items available and follow the Use Key prompt to receive your reward.

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