How to hide in a giant snowball in Fortnite for Winterfest

Fortnite winterfest giant snowball
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Hide in a Fortnite giant snowball in Frosty Firs, Brutal Bastion, and Lonely Labs to complete one of the Winterfest weekly challenges. You’ll need to gather up some snow into a giant snowball in all three of these snowy points of interest, then hop inside your spherical creation to progress this challenge. Once you’ve hidden in three snowballs in the correct locations, whether you do it all in one match or across several, you’ll get yourself 16,000 XP towards your Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 battle pass. Here are all the details you need to know about creating giant snowballs in Fortnite and how to hide in them.

How to hide inside a Fortnite giant snowball

Fortnite winterfest quest challenge map locations for hiding inside snowballs at Lonely Labs, Brutal Bastion, and Frosty Firs

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Unless you happen across one that another player has made, you’ll need to create the three snowballs necessary to complete this Fortnite Winterfest quest. Before starting, make sure you know exactly where the three areas you need to visit are – Frosty Firs, Brutal Bastion, and Lonely Labs are all in the wintry northeast section of the island. Now you can create a giant snowball by repeatedly hitting snowy terrain with your pickaxe. Start hacking away at the snowy ground with your pickaxe and you’ll notice the snow starts to clump together into a dome.

After several more pickaxe hits, it’ll form into a big snowball – although you can keep hitting it to make it about the same height as your player character. The snow stabilizing the giant snowball to the ground will also disappear when it’s at its largest, causing the snowball to start rolling, but now all you need to do is hide inside it.

Fortnite winterfest giant snowball hide inside

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Quickly approach your fully formed giant snowball before it rolls away and follow the ‘Hide’ button prompt to dive inside. You won’t be able to control the snowball or stay inside it indefinitely, but you will at least go wherever it goes and can hop out of it if you choose. You also only need to hit snowy terrain four times in a row to make a snowball big enough to jump inside. Once the relatively small snowball has formed, give it a nudge to release it and then you can hide inside. Make sure you repeat these steps at the other two Fortnite map locations to complete the Winterfest challenge and get yourself the XP!

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