Fortnite dragon eye may be the coolest/creepiest in-game teaser yet

A Fortnite dragon eye has been discovered at the base of a Polar Peak mountain, finally following up on those Fortnite dragon eggs that were discovered back in season 7. The eggs were hidden away in a little dungeon and were small enough that you could easily miss them if you were just running by. There's no missing this giant monstrosity (especially because it seems to be just as interested in you as you are in it).

YouTuber Ali-A posted a video showing the Fortnite dragon eye discovery on his Twitter account. You can have your own eye-to-eye encounter if you head to the northern face of the mountain in the central Polar Peaks area - the one with the old wrecked fortress on top.

Only the eye is visible behind a translucent sheet of ice. The rest of the creature is obscured, but you can hear its breathing and heartbeat - just like how you could hear the eggs' hearts. Is this one of those eggs all grown up, or is this the mama? My money's on the latter option. Everybody knows it takes a long time for dragons to grow up big and strong, or at least longer than about five or six months.

The discovery of the dragon eggs sparked excited speculation about how giant, fire-breathing reptiles could affect Fortnite in the months to come. Would there be flying dragon mounts? Baby dragon backpacks? A world-altering event in which the dragons rise and reshape the map with glorious fire? Then it all turned into volcanoes and pirates and then cyberpunk stuff instead. Now it looks like the dragons may finally be about to have their day.

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Connor Sheridan

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