Fortnite dragon eggs hint at big, reptilian things to come, here's how to find them

Fortnite dragon eggs have been the latest subject of "OMG have you seen them" discussions across the internet since they were first found in the game, and now you can see them yourself without any fussy glitches. The steady melting of Polar Peak has revealed a new way to access the ice-encapsulated dungeon where the pre-natal dragons lie in wait, and you can watch the video above for detailed steps on how to get inside and find them yourself.

If you can't watch right now, here's a quick recap on how to visit your yet-to-be-hatched scaly pals. You can hear their little hearts beating...

  • Drop over Polar Peak and land on the north side of the big castle.
  • Head down into the small side alley and look for a door.
  • Open the door, head right, then smash the floor. That'll drop you right next to the eggs.

Even if you aren't into Fortnite dragon eggs, it's worth your while to check the area out. The dungeon where the eggs are secreted away is chock full of chest spawns and it's still relatively unknown to most players, so it's a great place to gear up at the start of a match. Don't expect it to stay that way for long, though.

As the latest iteration of Fortnite wears on, all eyes start to turn to whatever (probably cataclysmic) events will mark the transition from this season to the next. It's a pretty good bet that it will somehow involve the dragons in those eggs. The big question is whether they're the good kind of dragons that let you ride around on them or the bad kind that are more into burninating peasants. We'll have to wait and see.

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Connor Sheridan

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