Where to find Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules

Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules
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Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules have started raining from the skies in the battle royale, as part of the current crossover event with the Dragon Ball series. Knowing where to find these capsules will give you a big advantage over your opponents, as if you reach them first then you can collect several powerful items linked to Dragon Ball abilities – the Fortnite Kamehameha weapon and the Nimbus Cloud tool – boosting both your offensive capabilities and your manoeuvrability for the rest of the match.

What's more, the capsules are integral to the Dragon Ball subset of the Fortnite quests, as there are challenges related to opening the units themselves and for using the items they provide when accessed in Fortnite. That makes them an essential find during this event, so to achieve that goal here's everything you need to know about tracking down and opening Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules.

Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules locations

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Fortnite Capsule Corp capsules start falling randomly from the sky a short time into each match, and you'll know when they appear as a whooshing sound can be heard from above. If you look at the map screen during this time you'll see various capsule icons, which we've highlighted as an example, though as we mentioned these appear at random locations in each match and move across the island before they land in their final destinations. You can observe a blazing trail in the sky as they drop, and an orange glow highlights where you can find the Fortnite capsules from a distance.

How to open Capsule Corp capsules in Fortnite

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Once you've followed the trail in the sky and the orange glow to reach the Fortnite Capsule Corp capsule location, you just need to interact with it and follow the Extract prompt to receive its contents – the powerful Kamehameha weapon and the Nimbus Cloud tool to launch yourself a generous distance through the air. Both of these items feature in further Dragon Ball quests, so there's an extra benefit to open Capsule Corp capsules in Fortnite. Bear in mind that other players will have seen the same guiding signals as you, so try to reach the capsule as soon as you can before someone else grabs it.

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