Fortnite black hole numbers: What do they mean and why are they there?

As I'm sure you've seen by now, we've all been saved. There's a bunch of Fortnite black hole numbers being emitted by the entity that consumed the game, and Fortnite is over. Back to PUBG, everyone.

Okay, maybe not quite. This is the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, and the Fortnite numbers being spewed out by the black hole are some sort of elaborate code by the Visitor. Some clever clogs have worked out exactly what the Fortnite black hole numbers mean though, and what the Visitor is trying to tell us.

To pass the time, why not play the Fortnite Konami code minigame on the main menu?

What do the Fortnite black hole numbers mean?

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If you collected the Fortnite visitor recordings from the overtime challenges at the end of Fortnite Season 10, you'll have heard everything the Visitor had to say about the Fortnite universe. Thanks to Donald Mustard tweeting out the complete transcript (see embedded tweet above), Twitter user @Thooming has connected the dots.

The Fortnite black hole numbers correspond to specific words in the Visitor recordings. All of the numbers have now been revealed, and they spell out the following:


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What does this mean? We won't know until Fortnite Chapter 2 starts, which is rumoured to be this Thursday, October 17. One theory from Thooming is that the numbers are meant to represent a clock, so when they loop for the 12th time, it'll be like Fortnite is beginning again. 

Just four days to wait...

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