How to get Fortnite Fortbyte 92 by using Rock Love spray near a lavafall

Fortnite Fortbyte 92 can involve a little bit of work, as while says it's accessible by using the Rock Love spray near a lavafall, it's not immediately clear where. There's not a lot of lava on the map right now but enough that you can be looking around for a little while before you find the right place for this Fortnite Fortbyte. You'll also obviously need the Battle Pass as the Rock Love spray is a Tier 2 reward. 

Assuming you have the Rock Love spray equipped close to hand you'll want to head to this particular rock on the Fortnite map, near Pressure Plant: 

Fortnite Fortbyte 92 map location

It's basically the biggest rock in the lavafall so you can't exactly miss it. Obviously if you glide in at the start expect to meet plenty of people doing the same which could make it a short trip. Considering you need to find the right place and get a spray up without being killed it might be a better idea to find some gear first, and then head to the Pressure Plant volcano. Whatever your tactic of choice you'll find the Fortbyte here: 

Fornite fortbyte 92 location

It'll actually pop up as a ghostly outline when you get close so as long as you're heading in the right direction you'll find it easily enough. To actually make it 'accessible' as the description states you'll need to throw up the Rock Love spray nearby. That big wall of rock right behind the Fortbyte is the perfect canvas - get the spray up and the Fortbyte will become solid and collectable. 

Well done, that's one more Fortbyte in the 100 strong list Epic is expecting people to collect on an almost daily basis. You obviously don't have to collect them as they appear but with that 100 total you probably don't want them to build up too much. Especially as this is a one season only deal and you can only collect them during Season 9. Whatever the reward is for all this it had better been worth it. 

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