Folklore gets free Xmas DLC

Dec 20, 2007

Sony is getting all festive this weekend with a new Folklore download pack that will addfestive touches to the otherwise dark and sinister game, as well as a new quest for Keats.

The new pack gets you Christmas outfits for the two loading characters, Keats and Ellen, who don't look particularly happy about it. They both clearly hate Christmas.

Keats gets a new quest for you to battle through, relevantly named 'Holy Night Visitor', and a new Lore creature, named Grab Bag, has also been added. It's a present with teeth, who rather peculiarly attacks by "spreading holiday cheer", according to Sony.

The new content will be available this weekend on the US PSN (we're awaiting confirmation on the UK side), but it'll be free so if you have a US PSN account on your UK PS3 (make one now if not), you'll be able to download it just fine.

"This is a thank you from the developers at Game Republic and from us at SCEA for all you Folklore supporters out there. Be on the look out for more great Folklore content in 2008," says Eric Fong, associate producer of Folklore.

Courtesy of CVG