Where to find all 10 Seventh Infantry units in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Tracking down all ten Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Seventh Infantry units will allow you to assemble a full drill team on the Larboard Junon, but you'll need to full explore the local area to find every trooper of the Midgar Seventh Infantry. This forms part of The Seventh Infantry quest, and while you can move on with the storyline once you've gathered five of the units, you should push through to locate all ten – not only will this unlock additional formations that can be selected to increase the difficulty (and potential rating) of your performance in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but you'll also earn the 7th, Assemble trophy for your effort. While you know the general area to search, as highlighted on your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth map, you'll need to investigate all of the buildings and areas within it to find the troopers currently on leave.

Below, I'll guide you through where to find all 10 Seventh Infantry units in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, so you can put on the best performance and earn yourself a trophy in the process. 

Where to find the Seventh Infantry units in The Seventh Infantry quest  

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1. Newly assigned as the parade captain, you'll head right out onto Main Street where you'll find your first group of Seventh Infantry troopers. Make your way down to the center of the street where you should see a cardboard cut-out of Shinra President, Rufus. A group of soldiers will be trying to take a photo with it, and a small blue marker will be above the trooper holding a camera. Once you've taken a photo for them, they'll join up.

2. On the opposite side of the street, you can find another Seventh Infantry unit standing up above some stairs looking out over the ocean. Head on up the stairs and speak with them to recruit the group for your parade. 

3. Turning back to the Rufus cut-out on the other side, head to the left and walk past a standee of a dog. Just next door is an open doorway leading into the barracks where you can find two more units. In the lobby, head up the stairs and climb some more stairs on the left hand side of the building to reach the Barracks Assembly Room where you'll find the first unit being interviewed. 

4. Once you've recruited them, head up another set of stairs to reach the top most floor - the Barracks Briefing Room. Here, you'll find the second unit in this building. 

5. Head back down the stairs to the Barracks lobby and exit out onto the other side of the street where you'll be greeted by posters of Rufus. Just next door to the right of the Barracks is the Folios shopping center. Head on inside and make your way up to the top floor - 3F - to find another Seventh Infantry unit. 

6. Head on back outside from the shopping center and make a left to the store next door, which has Items and Materia written on the storefront - this is Cecilia's of Junon which is easy to identify thanks to the shop markers on your map. Inside, you'll find another unit just to the right of the entrance. 

7. Opposite the store, you should notice Rude who is just about to enter The Glabrescent Bar. After he's gone in, you can head down the stairs and recruit another unit after a cutscene. 

8. Once you're back outside, head right all the way down the street to a theater building which has movie posters for Tango of Tears and Attack of the Weapon. You'll see some stairs on your right just before these movie posters that you'll want to head up to reach the Le Sourire bar - another unit can be found here. 

9. Head back down the stairs and make your way to the building opposite the theater and next door to the barracks that has an open doorway. This will take you into the Larboard Garrison reception. Follow the room round until you reach stairs going both up and down. Take the stairs going down to find another Seventh Infantry unit playing some figures. 

10. After you're out of the building make your way back to main street where you found the Rufus cut-out. Just to the left of the standee where you snapped a photo is an open doorway leading you to the bottom floor entrance to the Full Arsenal, which is where you can buy weapons - you can find this on your map by looking out for the weapon icon. Just inside the doorway are two soldiers looking at models of the Sister Ray canon. The pair are the last unit for your parade. 

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