Final Fantasy 7, Bloodborne, and other fans are preparing their clown makeup ahead of today's PlayStation Showcase

Cloud in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake wearing clown makeup
(Image credit: Square Enix (via Genki_JPN on Twitter))

Final Fantasy 7, Bloodborne, and other fans are finding themselves applying their clown makeup ahead of today's PlayStation Showcase

As is tradition with every gaming showcase, fans are preparing to be let down when the game they're hoping to see doesn't make an appearance during the PlayStation event. We've seen it several times before - mainly with the Hollow Knight community - however, it seems several other communities are now following the trend.

Although PlayStation hasn't briefed fans on what exactly will appear at the showcase, we do know that it's set to feature over an hour's worth of PS5 and PSVR 2 content, as well as appearances from Sony's third-party developers and indie studios - so basically, anything is possible. If you did want to start theorizing though, you can take a look at our PlayStation Showcase predictions

So who exactly is donning the clown makeup this time around? Well, we've seen a lot of Bloodborne fans getting their hopes up for that remaster they've been requesting for a while now. There's also a lot of excitement surrounding Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Final Fantasy 16 - which fans are hoping will get some kind of release date/demo announcement today. 

The Last of Us fans are also starting to convince themselves that Part 3 will be revealed today, but considering we only just got The Last of Us Part 1, we highly doubt this one - sorry! A little more likely, and maybe this is just me putting my own clown makeup on, we've also seen a lot of fans wanting to see some kind of Kingdom Hearts 4-shaped announcement today. It's been over a year since the sequel was first revealed so it would be nice to see more of it. 

There's also a high possibility that we'll be seeing some brand new PlayStation IPs during the showcase. Earlier today, Sony shared its plans for the future revealing it aims to release two or more "major releases" each year, with 50% of PlayStation Studios' future investments going toward new PS5 IP. For now, we'll just have to wait and see, with a pack of makeup wipes on standby. 

If you'd like to be let down in real-time, make sure to take a look at our how to watch the PlayStation Showcase guide. 

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