PlayStation wants half of its releases to be new PS5 IP by 2025

The last of us 2
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PlayStation has revealed that it plans for half of its releases to be new IP by 2025.

As revealed in the company's latest Business Segment Meeting presentation, PlayStation Studios plans to invest 50% into new IPs, instead of existing properties. In the document, Sony reveals that, back in the fiscal year 2019, 80% of its investments were for existing IP, with only 20% going toward new IP. This figure has grown to 40% in FY23, but PlayStation plans to extend this even more to 50% in FY25. 

What this means is that we could be seeing more original PlayStation IPs which will be developed by one of many PlayStation-owned developers. An equal amount of investment will also be going into existing IPs, meaning there's still room for things like Horizon 3, The Last of Us Part 3, or any other potential sequels, spin-offs, or remakes Sony wants to release. 

This isn't the only way that PlayStation aims to expand its ever-growing library. The slide after the one outlined above also explores Sony's plans outside of games. For instance, Sony wants to "broaden [its] franchise awareness" and "give existing fans more ways to engage" with things like movies, TV series, experiences (such as the recently revealed Uncharted ride), and merchandise. 

Since PlayStation Studios is responsible for a lot of fan-favorite properties - like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, or God of War - it's exciting to think that the company plans to invest in even more new IPs in the future. 

In fact, there's a high chance we could be seeing some new Sony IP later today during the PlayStation Showcase May 2023. We've already been promised over an hour's worth of PS5 and PSVR 2 content so let's keep our fingers crossed for some very new and very exciting reveals. 

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