Final Fantasy XIII-2 crossing over with Assassin's Creed-themed DLC

Hot on the heels of Square Enix releasing a new set of screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII-2, now news has slipped out that the company will be partnering with Ubisoft to outfit one of its RPG heroes with a DLC wardrobe plucked straight from the Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

The cross-promotion will see FFXIII-2's lead Noel Kreiss outfitted with Ezio Auditore's assassin outfit from the latest sequel. Details of the design swap are sparse, however Square Enix did promise a firm release date and price tag shortly.

The Final Fantasy universe is always a hodge-podge of style, so including an alternative Noel-zio costume shouldn't seem too out of place. And while the corporate pairing might seem odd to North American industry watchers, Square Enix has been distributing Ubisoft games exclusively in Japan since April 2009, so the costume sharing isn't completely out of left field.

FFXIII-2 is due to arrive in North America January 31, and in the UK on February 3. You can read about the first five hours in our recent hands-on preview.

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