FEAR 2 Countdown Day One: Combat

Welcome to day one of our FEAR 2 week. We%26rsquo;ll be counting down each day to the release of Monolith%26rsquo;s exceptional horror-shooter with a special Countdown Calendar featuring a behind-the-scenes look at some of the game%26rsquo;s special features, a daily video, bonus screens and a chance to win yourself a copy of the game!

Today we take a closer look of FEAR 2%26rsquo;s combat mechanics with an exclusive video showcasing some hot bullet-time shotgun action. Learn about your increased firepower, close quarter combat techniques and why your brain will remain the deadliest weapon of all.

Tomorrow, we%26rsquo;ll be looking at the newly improved design and environments with the game%26rsquo;s design team.

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