Far Cry 6 third person sections confirmed as the series breaks from tradition

Far Cry 6
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Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 6 will feature moments where it will break from tradition and go into third person. 

Far Cry has always been known as a first person series, however it looks like that might be changing somewhat in Far Cry 6. As noted in a recent gameplay reveal, the game's protagonist Dani Rojas is seen in full, especially throughout cutscenes. However, players will be seeing the character much more than any other Far Cry game. Speaking to Gamespot, the game's narrative director Navid Khavari confirmed that third person would be used more: 

"In cinematics, [third person] is something the team tried early on, and it felt surprisingly seamless. It instantly felt like there was more of a connection to Dani's journey in the world, more of a connection to this epic story in Yara."

This appears to be a design choice made to create a stronger bond between the protagonist and the player, which has often been missing somewhat in previous entries in the franchise. However, it will also serve a gameplay function, as players will be able to see their customisation. Players will feel the benefit of customising their looks, as well as any upgrades, by seeing them on Dani's person. 

"Players will also be able to see their character customizations in these highly-realized story beats. In Guerrilla Camps, this is also an opportunity for players to be able to see their fully customized character, everything from their backpack to their clothes."

One specific element that is called out is when Dani uses a Supremo backpack, which contain powerful abilities: "In the Supremo backpack moments during gameplay, the third person transition is intended so players can see all of the backpack's effects, and better feel its impact in action."

Ubisoft has a big week ahead of it, and it's expected we will likely see a little more from Far Cry 6 this Saturday during Ubisoft Forward. Whether we get a better look at new features or just some signature action, there should be plenty of reason to tune in to find out more. 

If you already know you're planning to pick up the game, check out our guide on how to pre-order Far Cry 6. 

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