Fallout 4: New Vegas mod shows off its new version of the least lucky lottery winner

(Image credit: Fallout 4: New Vegas)

The modders creating Fallout 4: New Vegas have shared some new gameplay footage of one of the original game's most love-to-hate-able characters.

As its name suggests, the project aims to recreate all of Fallout: New Vegas within the framework of Fallout 4. It's an ambitious goal, and the modders have been working on it for several years with plans to keep at it for as long as needed. But they already have one of the original game's most essential features down perfectly, as this video shows.

You may know him as the Lottery Winner, or the shouty man from Nipton, but chances are good that you've encountered Oliver Swanick if you've played Fallout: New Vegas. He's the guy who is almost literally drunk on life after winning "the lottery", whose unusual exuberance and utter refusal to answer The Courier's most basic questions lead many players to immediately shoot him out of frustration.

It turns out that Nipton won The Legion's lottery, where they draw lots to see who among the towns they massacre will be spared. Proving original developer Obsidian's commitment to dark humor, even if you manage to stay your shooting iron, Swanick runs off toward a radscorpion nest where he is extremely likely to die. And thus a legend was born.

If the modders have their way, you might not even notice that Swanick has a new voice actor in Fallout 4: New Vegas. Bethesda has given its sister mod The Capital Wasteland Project a stern warning about original plans to reuse Fallout 3's original voice files, so re-recording it is - but the new performance definitely carries on the spirit of the old.

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