Netflix's new most-streamed movie Fall leaves viewers freaking out

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Fall has shot to the top of Netflix's streaming chart in the UK and Ireland after being added last week. The 2022 survival thriller, directed by Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank, tells the story of two women who climb a 2,000 feet-tall TV tower – only to find themselves stranded at the top.

Viewers have been loving the movie, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts. "I'm a big horror movie fan, and as a consequence, I am rarely scared by ghosts, demons, slasher killers in masks, contagious smiles, evil dolls," wrote one on Twitter. "But 2 people very, very, very high up, and I'm freaked the heck out."

"Fall on Netflix is an incredible anxiety-inducing experience," another simply wrote. A third added: "Never felt as anxious watching a film as I do watching Fall on Netflix. I’m going to have nightmares." Another viewer tweeted: "Watching Fall on Netflix, I love horrors, thrillers, gore but this is something else. First film in a while that's made me feel genuinely uneasy and also can't stop watching."

"Last night, I started watching Fall. It literally made me hyperventilate and I switched off halfway," tweeted another Netflix user. "Tentatively, I may try again, tonight." One viewer also joked: "So, those of you who suggested or spoke about Fall on Netflix… yeah I’m blaming you for my high blood pressure."

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Fay Watson
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