Fall Guys solos playlist may be on the way "if team games aren't your thing"

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys team games are here to stay, but developer Mediatonic has some solutions in mind for players who prefer to stumble on their own.

Of the 24 modes that are currently playable in Fall Guys (opens in new tab), roughly a third are team games that require multiple wobbling jelly bean people to work together toward one goal: for instance, Fall Ball is soccer with a giant ball and Egg Scramble is a race to grab and keep the most eggs in your corner, and if your team stinks there's not much you can do on your own (though our Fall Guys tips (opens in new tab) may help).

Members of the Fall Guys community have been voicing their frustration with these modes on Reddit, and lead game designer Joe Walsh responded with a thoughtful explanation (opens in new tab) of why Fall Guys team games are important, and how the studio may help players who would prefer to avoid them.

You can read Walsh's full explanation in that Reddit post, but here's a summary of his main points about team games: most players outside of hardcore circles seem to enjoy them, the chaos they create is a big part of Fall Guys' basic premise, they give less skilled players a chance to qualify in later rounds, they open up more possibilities for scoring-type rounds, and they lightly encourage players to join parties.

"This all being said, we really like the idea of doing a 'pure solos' or 'Gauntlet Only' playlist in some form down the line, so if team games aren't your thing there should be events/modes that appeal to you in the future," Walsh added. "We're still figuring this out and timelines are up in the air given launch craziness, but don't worry, we ARE listening!"

Fall Guys doesn't have any sort of playlist system at the moment, but it definitely has the player count (opens in new tab) to support opening up a few separate options. Maybe that will be something to look forward to in Fall Guys season 2 (opens in new tab).

If you really want to avoid team games, you could always try Dollar Store Fall Guys (opens in new tab).

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