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The Fall Guys Season 1 release time is already upon us, as it’s out right now. The new season, which acts a sort of reboot for the game, is adding lots of new features, such as an updated in-game storefront, a new Season Pass full of rewards, and, most importantly, new and challenging obstacles! Xbox console and Nintendo Switch players can now join the fray for free as Fall Guys has also gone free-to-play. Here’s what you need to know about when the Fall Guys Season 1 update goes live and what’s in it.

When does Fall Guys Season 1 come out?

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Fall Guys Season 1 is available now! The launch of this new season – which is known as Free For All – coincides with the launch of the game on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS5, so even more players can now join the party. As well as the new console launches, Fall Guys is also free-to-play on all platforms, making it easier for anyone to join in. If you’ve got friends on other platforms that you want to squad up with, learn how Fall Guys crossplay works so you can enter the Blunderdome together and get those crowns.

This Fall Guys update introduces lots of new changes too. There are several new rounds that have a chance of coming up in your matches, including the new Hex-A-Ring mode, which takes the classic disappearing hexagon tiles of Hex-A-Gone and puts them on a rotating cylinder. A new quality-of-life feature means you can now dive grab Tails and Crowns in rounds where those objects appear, so make sure you know how to dive in Fall Guys. If climbing isn’t your strong suit, you’ll be pleased to hear about the new Auto Grab option too!

The launch of Fall Guys Season 1 has also brought a pretty substantial update to the store, so if you’re a returning player, don’t be surprised to see some changes! There’s a big new Season Pass that can levelled up for free rewards, or you can buy the premium version using the new Show-Bucks premium currency. Look out for the upcoming, Halo-themed Spartan Showdown event, which starts on June 30, to get Master Chief and Brute skins for your bean.

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