Fall Guys releases screenshots for its “biggest update since launch”

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Some shiny new screenshots for the upcoming Fall Guys update give you a look at how it will be “spicing up” some existing levels. 

The update will be the biggest patch added to Fall Guys since the game launched. Mediatonic recently revealed it was working on the update with a  tease of a new feature, which comes in the shape of a giant hammer known as “Big Yeetus” that seemingly gets added to levels at random. The update itself is now being referred to as “Big Yeetus and the Epic Anti-Cheatus” update since it will also be addressing the issue of cheaters in the game with the hopes of significantly reducing the number of “bad beans.” 

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As you can see in the screenshots, as well as shaking things up with some hammer time action, the update will be adding other new obstacles to existing levels such as swinging ball obstacles in the Dizzy Heights mini-game. We also get another look at some very large watermelons that look set to be quite the obstacle. The big fruits, dubbed “The Watermelon Crew”, are apparently friends of Big Yeetus… you’d think a large swinging hammer and watermelons wouldn’t get along, but what a team they’re sure to make. 

Fall Guys took the internet by storm when it first released with its colourful levels and bean-tastic costumes. This latest update looks set to add some more excitement to the game with new challenges and obstacles to overcome that will freshen up the minigames. We don’t yet know when the update is set to release, but the official Fall Guys Twitter account just recently asked if players think the update should release today (opens in new tab)… what a tease. 

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