Fall Guys is adding a giant hammer named Big Yeetus to "shake things up"

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

If you've enjoyed Fall Guys but at one point thought you'd enjoy it a lot more if it had a massive hammer that randomly appeared to send you flying, you're in luck.  

As the game's Twitter account detailed today, developer Mediatonic is "working on a little something that we have been calling Big Yeetus," adding that "Big Yeetus will randomly appear in levels to shake things up." The attached GIF suggests that *double-checks notes* Big Yeetus can spawn at the end of Dizzy Heights as a way to catapult you forward, bypassing some of the obstacles. 

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As much as I love just saying and indeed contemplating the words Big Yeetus, this joking piece of news is actually pretty significant. Up until now, Mediatonic has only made incremental balance changes to Fall Guys stages, or expanded them through new, redux stages like Jump Showdown. Big Yeetus, meanwhile, is a modular obstacle that can seemingly be added to multiple levels at random, which is an exciting direction for the game to explore. 

Longevity is always the biggest hurdle for games like Fall Guys, and a random injection of new challenges and traps – like, say, a massive hammer – could help liven up familiar levels and make rounds feel less same-y over time. Big Yeetus also looks like the kind of thing that could send you soaring to victory or plummeting to your demise depending on how it's used, which is definitely within the Fall Guys style guide. Can you imagine one of these things waiting for you at the end of a tilted seesaw? 

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