Fall Guys fans are making new minigames in Fortnite and Minecraft while they wait for an official level editor

Fall Guys
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Fan-created Fall Guys minigames are starting to appear in Fortnite, Minecraft, and other titles beyond Mediatonic's battle royale hit, as players patiently wait for the release of an official level editor in the game itself. 

Someone in Minecraft, for example, has created an experience using Command Blocks that's essentially a mash-up of all the best Fall Guys minigames combined, including Hex-A-Gone, Tip Toe, and The Whirlygig. 

I made Fall Guys in Minecraft with Command Blocks from r/Minecraft
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Fall Guys

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys lore is kind of dark

One particular Fortnite creative code, meanwhile, will load you into "Tumble Lads", a Fall Guys inspired riff on Hex-A-Gone, Slime Climb, and more, but each bearing a distinctly Fortnite flavour. 

Someone has even made a Fall Guys experience using the Trials Rising level editor from Ubisoft, with Mediatonic lead game designer Joe Walsh even praising the craftmanship of the unofficial level. 

Swiss Cheese! I made a second design for a level idea using Trials Rising level editor :) from r/FallGuysGame

"I think this is probably the best fan made level I've seen - it really nails the 'gameshow-ness' of the obstacles and gives players plenty of choice around how brave/risky they want to be be," Walsh wrote on Reddit. "Awesome work."

Mediatonic has confirmed it's looking into a potential level editor for Fall Guys, but the studio is currently juggling this with a number of features for its summer phenomenon, including local split-screen, and cross play. 

We will, of course, let you know as soon as the team have more to share, which hopefully isn't too far off on the future.

We know it's a bit early, but here's what we know so far about Fall Guys season 2. Meanwhile, check out our latest episode of Dialogue Options below.

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