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There’s so much going on with SFX online these days, some of it goes unnoticed unless you check back all the time. So here’s a handy round-up of all the little fun links and services that some people don’t realise we provide here:

We now regularly upload stuff about events, movies or TV you should watch out for over the week ahead ( here 's the link). Bookmark SFX and never miss out on any great sci-fi.

There's an SFX store! Not just cool SFX t-shirts, although they are well worth getting, but also official merchandise from your favourite TV shows and movies. Check it out here: www.sfxmerch.co.uk .

SFX has twelve bloggers drawn from the ranks of our readers, who write opinion pieces and reports for the website. You can find a list of their latest articles here . Jump in and comment on anything they've written!

With SFX you can get 10% off Forbidden Planet stuff if you order online. Take a look here .

Yep, we've got a Facebook fan page . If you're into social networking why not join us online and get fan updates, share your pictures and so on?

Get SFX in your inbox. There's a weekly (when we remember) newsletter containing exclusive competitions, reminders about upcoming SFX stuff, quick links to the best of the website and more. Sign up here .

A glimpse inside SFX Towers, the team hard at work...

We place links to the latest film trailers in a page on our website. It's updated once a week and there's always a link on the left of the site that will take you straight there. In the meantime, click here to see our current favourite sci-fi trailers.

Every day on the SFX website the team uploads snippets of sci-fi news, links to interesting developments, or just fun stuff we think you should know. Check out the list here . Plug our RSS feed into your favourite news-reading software to keep up to date with the SFXy stuff that we're following online. And don't forget to vote in our regularly updated poll (eyes right).

If you've got a question about the magazine check out our regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions page, which includes gems about how to get in contact with our various departments, what SFX probably stands for and yes, we know it looks like SEX on the news-stand sometimes.

Do you Twitter? It's the future of rapid fire communication, apparently, and SFX has a feed. So if you want to get sci-fi news items and glimpses into what's hot and what's not according to the folk at SFX Towers, updated several times a day, sign up and click "follow" over at www.twitter.com/SFXmagazine .

Subscribe to SFX and save loads of money – you might even get a nice pressie too. You can subscribe online, and there are often special online-only offers too. Check out the basic subscription page here , and look out for new offers every month in the pages of the magazine.

We have a buzzing discussion board , which has been going for over three years and has taken on a life of its own. You can quiz the SFX team directly and leave feedback on the magazine, join in word games and banter, discuss you favourite (or most hated) movies or books with like-minded people, engage in humorous speculation about TV shows or comics, and loads more.

And somewhere along the way we find time to make the world's number one SF and fantasy magazine. Yep, still the best selling magazine of its kind, thanks to you. Remember to look out for SFX on the news-stand every month!

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