Exoprimal release date leaks ahead of Capcom Spotlight stream

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Exoprimal release date has leaked just hours before it was presumably set to be revealed as part of today's Capcom Spotlight stream.

Exoprimal is set to launch on July 14, 2023, according to leaked info made public by Insider Gaming (opens in new tab). Prior to today, publisher Capcom had only listed the game as a 2023 release, with no specific launch window given. The report also claims that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is coming to consoles soon, which Capcom's seemingly corroborating, as a PlayStation pre-order page (opens in new tab) is live ahead of an April 28 release date. 

It's been a leaky day for Capcom, though another early reveal was seemingly the publisher's own fault. A new Twitch ad claims that a Resident Evil 4 Remake demo is "out now," which is a pretty strong indication that one is going to shadowdrop during this afternoon's showcase.

The Capcom Spotlight will feature updates on Resident Evil 4 Remake, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Exoprimal, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Hopefully the show will include some information or footage that hasn't previously been leaked or announced, too.

Exoprimal is the game in today's show that might have the most to prove. There've been betas letting players get an early taste of the action, and while everybody seems to love shooting dinosaurs, everybody seems to hate the PvP. This'll be the first time we're getting a substantial look at the game in some time, so fingers are crossed for Capcom to pull out something exciting.

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