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Exclusive: Mysterious new viral image teases Godzilla trailer

We've been passed an exclusive, mysterious new viral image under the cloak of darkness, and it's definitely Godzilla -related.

But just what is M.U.T.O.?

The image shows Turkmenistan's infamous burning 'Door to Hell', which was first ignited by a Soviet gas company in 1971. They claimed the dangerous gases would burn off in a few days -- yet miraculously, it has been burning ever since.

Normally accessible to the public, the image is associated with the notes that this remote destination was strangely placed on government lockdown, as the secretive group identified as M.U.T.O. established a heavily-guarded "restricted access area" for undisclosed purposes. This snapshot from a tourist shows emergency vehicles, armed troops and research crews being choppered to the scene.

After decades of this mysterious inferno blazing, why is M.U.T.O. getting involved now?

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We have a feeling (opens in new tab) may have a few answers…

It seems that this 'classified' site is hiding the first Godzilla trailer, and clever fans who are able to hack into the network on the website can get a glimpse at the monster-related carnage to come. All we know is this - the trailer's coming soon, and may hold the secrets to when and what will be in it.

Godzilla is set for release in UK cinemas from 16 May 2014.

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