Exclusive: Frank Miller on Hard Boiled

Miller has his sights set on adapting Hard Boiled, his 1990 three-issue comic series drawn by Geof Darrow about an insurance investigator who discovers he’s both a homicidal cyborg tax collector and the last hope of an enslaved robot race

“I’m polishing up the script right now,” Miller tells Total Film exclusively. “Basically it’s going to be a matter of bringing that story and Geoff Darrow’s mix of insanity and genius to the screen. Plus some tricks I’ve got in mind.”

While Miller won’t divulge any more details, his Spirit producer Deborah Del Prete says it will mix live action and animation and do something “extraordinarily different”.

Back in 2001 Variety reported that David Fincher had signed on to direct Hard Boiled with Nicolas Cage in the title role.

“I sure hope he still does,” says Miller of Cage.