Excited by that Deadpool & Wolverine trailer? Boy, have Marvel got the ideal new comic for you…

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The awesome first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine arrived last week bringing with it a wave of excitement for the next MCU movie. Now, with perfect timing, Marvel has announced a new team-up comic starring Wade Wilson and Logan. Deadpool & Wolverine: WW3 is a three-issue limited series by veteran merc with a mouth writer Joe Kelly and artist Adam Kubert.

The comic sees Wade Wilson and Logan go up against new villain Delta in a conflict that heralds the start of World War 3. 

"The mysterious Delta believes in change," reads Marvel's synopsis for the issue. "Change is good. But as he sets his sights on Deadpool, and Wolverine is caught up in the plot, is the third time really the charm, or the curse? Get ready for WWIII to erupt on the scene with the wildest duo in comics."

Here's Adam Kubert's cover for the first issue with our two mismatched heroes looking suitably bloodied and battered, but doing a lot better than the other guys.


(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Speaking to IGN Joe Kelly cited working with Adam Kubert again as his main reason for signing up to the project, saying "I worked with Adam during my early Marvel career and have been a fan of his ever since - both as an artist and a human." 

His second reason for working on the project was getting the chance to tell a story with Wolverine. "As much as this is a buddy-book, Logan is the entry point to the story, which gave me a chance to explore this character I love. His voice, his perspective on the world, all of it gave me a unique way to approach an epic team-up..."

WW3 is following hot on the heels of a new Deadpool solo series, which launches in April. Penned by Cody Ziglar and drawn by Rogê Antônio, that will focus on the dynamic between Wade and his daughter Ellie.

Deadpool & Wolverine: WW3 #1 is published by Marvel Comics on May 1.

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