Leaked Eternals set photos show Ikaris in action and a big Game of Thrones reunion

Marvel Phase 4 Eternals
(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Out of all the new MCU entries that make up Marvel Phase 4, The Eternals is perhaps the most mysterious and – because of that – the most exciting. These new leaked Eternals set photos do little to dampen that mood, especially as they demonstrate Richard Madden’s character’s powers for the very first time, as well as teeing up a belated Game of Thrones reunion between two Stark siblings.

We may have seen a glimpse of The Eternals’ costumes at D23, but this is the first time we’ve really seen Madden's Ikaris let loose in any major way. You can see him floating (via wires, I hope, or we’re all in big trouble) in a couple of set shots. As a character known for god-level strength, speed, and possessing the power of flight, there’s a fair chance that we’re looking at perhaps one of the most powerful characters to ever grace the MCU.

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There’s also a sneaky pic of Madden and his Eternals co-star Kit Harington, who is set to play the Black Knight. This will be the first time they’ve appeared on-screen together since around the Red Wedding in the third season of Game of Thrones. Let’s hope this turns out slightly less stabby.

More Eternals news has also emerged in recent months. The synopsis teases a fallout from Avengers: Endgame, while some literally out-of-this-world concept art doubles down on the fact that this will look like no other MCU movie before or since. The Eternals is set for release worldwide on November 6, 2020.

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