First trailer for R-rated animated Watchmen movie teases danger on the horizon

(Image credit: DC)

The first trailer for DC's two-part animated Watchmen movie has arrived.

Warner Bros. announced the film back in 2017 with no developments until another, official announcement at San Diego Comic Con in 2023. According to attendees at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market, it was confirmed that the CG-rendered animated movie would release in two parts, with the second coming in 2025. The official Blu-ray website has Part One set for an August 13, 2024 release date. Though there is little information out there, the pic will likely stream on Max.

Watchmen, a limited comic book series created by writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colorist John Higgins, first hit shelves in 1986. The comic takes place in an alternate timeline where superheroes changed history i.e. the United States winning the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal never being exposed as such. 

The main characters include Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias, Daniel Dreiberg aka Nite Owl II, Edward Blake aka The Comedian, Dr. Jon Osterman aka Doctor Manhattan, Laurie Juspeczyk aka Silk Spectre II, and Walter Joseph Kovacs aka Rorschach. 

Zack Snyder directed a feature-length adaptation of the comic in 2009 which ultimately underperformed at the box office but subsequently gained a cult following. A limited series created by Damon Lindelof premiered on HBO in 2019 and was nominated for 26 Primetime Emmy Awards – taking home 11.

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Lauren Milici
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