The Acolyte has revealed its Sith, but Star Wars fans think there's more to it than that

The Acolyte
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 5.

So after weeks of speculation about who the mysterious villain is in The Acolyte, he’s now been unmasked. In the latest brutal episode of the Star Wars spin-off, Darth Teeth was unmasked as Qimir – and he confirmed to Master Sol that he’s Sith.

From calling out some of his epic lightsaber moves as the most brutal Star Wars has seen to others describing him as their "instant new favorite Star Wars villain," viewers have been loving the twist. However, while he was one of the major theories of who was behind the mask, some fans are convinced we haven’t seen the true villain yet.

This all stems from Qimir’s revelation in the episode that he is searching for an "acolyte" to be his apprentice, leading some to speculate that he’s a Sith apprentice himself. Posting on Reddit, one suggested, "So Qimir is totally a Sith apprentice trying to find his own apprentice right?"

The post spawned multiple theories with plenty of Star Wars fans agreeing that we don’t have the full picture just yet. "He's definitely reckless, and while he's really powerful, he also doesn't seem like the big bad monster this series is building towards," commented one

Another agreed, adding: "I'm pretty sure that's what's going on. My guess is the last episode is going to have the master show up in the last episode and effortlessly beat Qimir to show just how strong a fully trained Sith Lord is in this era."

As for who his master could be, there have been a couple of suggestions so far. Osha’s mother Aniseya and the Green Jedi have been touted, as well as some suggestions for Darth Plagueis, after the show recently introduced a key Sith skill linked to him. Well, one thing is for sure, with three episodes left and Osha being taken by Qimir in the final moments of episode 5, it certainly seems like there’s a lot left to unpick in this mystery.

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