The Acolyte creator says if the show continues, she has an idea on how to bring a fan favorite Star Wars villain into live action

The Acolyte
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For years, Star Wars fans the galaxy over have requested Darth Plagueis – Palpatine’s one-time master – appear in live action.

While The Acolyte creator and showrunner Leslye Headland isn’t outright confirming that Plagueis the Wise will show up in the Disney Plus series’ future, her recent comments will certainly bring new hope to those who have waited patiently for the Sith to arrive

After being asked by Nerdist on whether she knows how the story from The Acolyte to Plagueis training Palpatine (presumably decades later) connects, Headland responded: "Yes, I do. If I continue to get to tell this story, I know how I would like that to play out. And I would say I think it’s pretty complicated and messy."

That’s music to our ears. After all, there’s certainly a basis for this Sith lineage to be explored in further detail. Qimir’s reveal as the man behind the mask only invited more questions, with some speculating that Plagueis’ master Darth Tenebrous will show up in the upcoming season finale.

With the Sith Rule of Two (the idea that there can only be a Sith master and apprentice) firmly established, it appears that Qimir is serving a higher power – all while actively recruiting for his own apprentice. There’s plenty of wiggle room, then, to look further ahead in The Acolyte season 2 (or beyond) on how Qimir, Tenebrous, Plagueis, and Palpatine each intersect with each other. As Headland says, we expect it to be plenty complicated and plenty messy.

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