Furiosa post-credits scene explained – does the Mad Max prequel have a post-credits scene?

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So, is there a Furiosa post-credits scene? Well, now that the Fury Road prequel Furiosa has finally arrived on the big screen, we can get into the details of the latest outing in the iconic Mad Max franchise. 

Given that the movie acts as a prequel to 2015's action classic Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as a young version of Charlize Theron's warrior, you may indeed be wondering whether Furiosa has a post-credits scene. There would indeed be good reason for it to have one, potentially further tying the two films together or teasing what's next for the series.

While no other Mad Max movie has featured a post-credit stinger, things could easily be different here given how much of a trend they currently are in Hollywood. Previously mostly associated with Marvel movies, several Hollywood blockbusters now have something at the end of the credits to reward fans who have stayed in their seats – that may be a direct tease setting up a potential follow-up or a fun gag.

We have therefore got you covered below with everything you need to know about the Furiosa post-credits, putting all the information you need in one place – a handy guide for any Mad Max fan. If you want the lowdown keep reading but be warned, spoilers lie ahead for the Furiosa post-credits scene.

Does Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga have a post-credits scene?

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Yes, Furiosa does have a post-credits scene being the first Mad Max movie to do so – and there's something during the credits themselves too!

Throughout the initial credits we are treated to various clips from Mad Max: Fury Road, essentially recapping the film with a brief highlights reel, reminding audiences what happens next after the end of Furiosa given that it directly sets those events up.

Following that, we have the rest of the credits, but don't leave your seat as there is something right at the very end! Before the screen fades to black there is the briefest post-credits stinger which lasts maybe a second long – it's very much a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

The clip is simply Mad Max: Fury Road character Nux's (played by Nicholas Hoult) crow-shaped bobblehead from his car wobbling – that's it, nothing more, but you are likely wondering what it could all mean given that it's isolated from the montage.

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It could simply be there as a fun reward for fans who stayed right until the end, given that Hoult's War Boy (who later allied himself with Furiosa and Max) is a popular character. Or maybe it's a tease that his character might appear again on the big screen soon...

That may be difficult given that Nux died in Fury Road, meeting his end by sacrificing himself as he kills the villainous Rictus. However, this is the world of Mad Max where it seems that anything is possible and stranger things have indeed happened. And don't forget, Furiosa is a prequel so maybe we could one day see Nux's origin story too.

Director George Miller hasn't commented on whether this is a possibility, but he has revealed that he does have ideas for potential future Mad Max projects. In an interview with us, the filmmaker said that he has "often speculated" about what happens to the character of Furiosa after Fury Road, implying that there may be more stories to tell there.

Elsewhere, he told Entertainment Weekly that he already has a complete idea for another movie that tells Max's story before the events of Fury Road, adding "I would like to do sometime if I get the chance". And of course there is a long existing idea for a direct sequel to that movie too with the working title Mad Max: The Wasteland, although it's uncertain if that's still happening.

The long and short of it is, Nux's return to the world of Mad Max certainly isn't an impossibility so keep those eyes peeled. After all, he lives, he dies, and he lives again.

Furiosa: A Mad Max saga is out now in UK and US theaters.

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