Furiosa Mad Max cameo explained – where does the action hero appear in the prequel?

Mad Max: Fury Road
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The Furiosa Mad Max cameo has been eagerly awaited by fans, ever since director George Miller confirmed that the action hero will indeed appear in the new chapter in the beloved franchise.

Earlier this month, Miller revealed the exciting news at a screening of the latest film, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy as a younger version of Charlize Theron's Imperator, with the new chapter acting as a prequel to 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road.

As reported by Screen Rant, the filmmaker told the audience that Mad Max does appear in the movie, however here he is played by stuntman Jacob Tomuri not actor Tom Hardy. Miller said: "It’s Jacob Tomuri, who was Tom Hardy's double. He's a New Zealand stuntman, and he was doing some other stunts on the film, and I thought, who better?"

The question then is – where is the Mad Max cameo in Furiosa, how does the action hero appear in the prequel? Well, we have got it all covered below with our guide to the Furiosa Mad Max cameo.

Warning: spoilers lie ahead for Furiosa.

Where does Mad Max appear in Furiosa?

Mad Max: Fury Road

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About three quarters through the movie, Mad Max finally makes his appearance much to the delight of fans.

Following a violent encounter with the villainous war-lord Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) which sees the hideous death of Praetorian Jack (Tom Burke), we witness a struggling Furiosa walking through the desert, heading back towards the Citadel with vengeance in her heart. Having lost one of her arms in the incident too, she's clearly in agony and needs to get back to the town asap.

During this scene, the camera cuts to a shot of a mysterious figure watching Furiosa's crawl from afar, whilst munching on what we are sure is a delicious snack – either canned food or maybe a roasted rodent. 

Although we never see the figure's face, it's very clear that this is Max himself, appearing as we see him at the start of Fury Road, standing next to his iconic car – a V8 Interceptor.

And that's it for the cameo itself as it's only a brief scene, but if you stay for the credits you will indeed see the role of Mad Max credited to stuntman Jacob Tomuri. The credits are broken down into sections, with this one appearing in the part called 'The Escape Plan'.

Furiosa: A Mad Max saga is out now in UK and US theaters.

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