Elden Ring outsells Dark Souls 3 with 12 million copies sold

Elden Ring
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Elden Ring has already outsold Dark Souls 3.

Earlier today, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco announced that Elden Ring had surpassed 12 million units sold around the world, with one million of those copies being sold in Japan. This means Elden Ring has managed to shift over 12 million units in less than three weeks on the market, a staggering feat for FromSoftware's latest.

Additionally, it's worth putting this 12 million figure in context with FromSoftware's past efforts. Elden Ring has nearly sold half the collective amount of the Dark Souls trilogy, which had shipped 27 million copies as of 2020. It's also outsold the latest game in the series, Dark Souls 3, which had sold a collective 10 million units in the four years since it launched in 2016.

In actual fact, Elden Ring has already surpassed the sales of the first two Dark Souls games, prior to Dark Souls 3 launching. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad noted on Twitter that FromSoftware's iconic series hadn't even sold 12 million units until after Dark Souls 3 launched in 2016. In short, this is a monumental success for FromSoftware, and it's very likely that Elden Ring will become the studio's best-selling game ever, if we ever get updated figures on Dark Souls 3.

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