Elden Ring fans have started setting fire to Melina

Elden Ring Melina
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Murdering people is all part of the fun in Elden Ring, but have you ever tried to take out Melina right at the start of the game? Well, this player did.

u/jdyhrberg recently popped up on the Elden Ring subreddit to share a brief clip of them setting the ground alight before stopping at a site of grace and summoning Melina. 

By setting a fire before she arrives, Melina will kneel down amongst the flames, converse with you, and then finally succumb to the fire, killing her.

did_you_know_you_can_kill_melina_at_the_start_of from r/Eldenring

"I've seen this before. That tree she leaves when she dies is the same if she dies during the boss battle you summon her to," commented a player, to which another Tarnished said: "It heals the player too. Beautiful last-ditch effort to help the player in the boss battle.

"Really cements the dick move here."

"Semi-related, but if you’ve ever played Demon’s Souls a complete bastard, you can kill the Maiden in Black (the OG Firekeeper/Maiden) and she will resurrect and literally apologize for being physically incapable of dying for you," added another knowledgable commenter. "Because she is here to serve you and can’t fulfill your need/desire."

"Ever pushed her down the hole?" asked another curious - and seemingly homicidal - poster.

Just in case you haven't found your own personal nightmare in Elden Ring, someone recently zoomed in on the Elden Beast's feet.

If you, like me, presumed the Elden Beast just zoomed about on some kind of gelatinous goo under the water line, Twitterer HaloLegann has discovered that Elden Beast has extraordinarily elongated toes - and Elden Ring fans can't stop thinking about it.

Quite how HaloLegann discovered the Beast's finger-like toes remains unclear, but if I have to know about them, so do you. You're welcome.

Elden Ring players were also recently blown away by a late starter who's somehow reached the Godskin Apostle without understanding a basic function of the game: fast travel.

It kicked off a wider conversation about how some players were several hours into the game without understanding other key features, too, with one player admitting that they'd gone all the way to the Capitol before they realized you could level up your flask.

Don't forget, Elden Ring's DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has finally been confirmed. Earlier this week, FromSoftware announced "an upcoming expansion" that is "currently in development" and attached an image showing a mysteriously extinguished Erdtree, with a lone figure in the distance standing among a field of spectral gravestones…

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