Turns out Elden Ring's Elden Beast is more terrifying than we thought - just look at its toes

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Just in case you haven't found your own personal nightmare in Elden Ring - I still have nightmares about the hand spider things - someone's zoomed in on the Elden Beast's feet.

If you, like me, presumed the beast just zoomed about on some kind of gelatinous goo under the water line, Twitterer HaloLegann has discovered that Elden Beast has extraordinarily elongated toes - and Elden Ring fans can't stop thinking about it.

Think I'm joking? Here, take a look:

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"The Souls franchise is just a stealth way to introduce people to foot fetish," commented one player, whilst another simply said: "Oh, Miyazaki".

Quite how HaloLegann discovered the Beast's finger-like toes remains unclear, but if I have to know about them, so do you. You're welcome.

Elden Ring players recently decided that the game's ferocious Runebears are not worth fighting, along with the Revenant, the Magma Wyrm, and yes, even the "dreaded Dragonfly".

Other enemies on the community's shit list include all the "big" creatures - "big bird, big lobster/crayfish, big dog, and big octopus"; even the big flowers get a vote - the Albinaurics "with the black stuff all over themselves", Wormfaces, Runebears, Abductor Virgins, Hands, Marionettes, and last but not least, the Red Wolf (all versions, it seems).

Elden Ring players were also recently blown away by a late starter who's somehow reached the Godskin Apostle without understanding a basic function of the game: fast travel.

It kicked off a wider conversation about how some players were several hours into the game without understanding other key features, too, with one player admitting that they'd gone all the way to the Capitol before they realized you could leve up your flask.

A survey of Elden Ring players recently revealed what we love most about FromSoftware's open-world RPG, from our favorite weapons and spirit ashes, to our favorite NPCs, areas of the map, and boss battles, of course. 

Elden Ring itself also mightily impressed us last year, so much so that we crowned it GamesRadar's GOTY for 2022.

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