EA job listings suggest more Star Wars Jedi content is already in development

(Image credit: Respawn)

We may have only just got Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but it looks like EA is already starting development on a follow-up. 

As spotted by Tech4Gamers, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor publisher EA is currently looking for a Senior VFX Artist as well as a Principal Game Writer to join developer Respawn to work on the Star Wars Jedi series. The job listings don't say what project it is but both feature the words 'Star Wars Jedi' in the jobs' titles so we at least know it's related to Cal Kestis' story in some way. 

For the Principal Game Writer role, Respawn wants someone who will "share their hard-earned expertise to help us create an incredible Star Wars experience for our players in a fun, third-person action-adventure setting." That the person who ends up getting the job will be responsible for writing dialogue, scenes, story treatments, and supporting text for "the game" - whatever "the game" ends up being.

Although it would be great to think that we're getting a third Star Wars Jedi game from Respawn - we already know that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's director wants a third game - but like we said above, it has only been three months since the Fallen Order sequel was released. Perhaps EA is bulking up staff to work on the series because it plans to release some DLC for Jedi Survivor soon? Only time will tell, but it's nice to know that the series isn't completely over just yet. 

We can't say that we're too surprised to see that EA plans to do more with its Star Wars series; "millions" of people played Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just a couple of weeks after it launched, after all - and we can only imagine how much more that number has grown over the last few months. In our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review, we said the sequel was "more ambitious, confident, and heartfelt than Fallen Order" and gave it a 4.5/5 rating. 

In other Star Wars Jedi news, Respawn recently rolled out Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch 6 which fixes various crashes and issues across all platforms, improved blaster handling, made some fixes to photo mode, and much more. 

Wondering what else we've got to look forward to? Take a look at our upcoming Star Wars games list. 

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