Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch fixes game-breaking bugs for the most tedious, most rewarding quest

Star Wars
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Patch 6 has arrived with an array of bug fixes, including some game-breakers that made it impossible to complete the tedious quest chain that hides one of the game's best cutscenes.

The patch goes live today across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S, and will feature the "various crash fixes" and "various bug fixes" you'd expect from this kind of post-launch update. We've also got other vague notes like "collision improvements" and "improved blaster handling," which will hopefully be noticeable in-game.

But more specifically, we have a "fix for bounty hunters not spawning" and a "fix for an issue where Caij would become invisible." Caij, of course, is the New Zealand-accented alien at Pyloon's Saloon who gives you the location of the bounty hunters, leading you to a series of optional boss fights that appear in previously-explored areas.

The bounty hunter fights are fun enough but the process of searching them out, going back to Caij to get the next location, and repeating the process is beyond tedious - and it's a shame that Jedi: Survivor's best cutscene is hidden behind all the work. Now, at least, you no longer have to worry about one one of the bosses not even showing up in the first place.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Various crash fixes across all platforms
  • Fix for bounty hunters not spawning
  • Fix for an issue where Caij would become invisible
  • Fix for occasional issue where "Find the Gorge's Secret" Rumor could not be completed
  • Collision improvements
  • Improved blaster handling
  • Fixes for Photo Mode
  • Wind puzzle on Jedha fixed
  • Updates to the holomap map data
  • The training dummy on Jedha was sneaking around. It has now been immobilized
  • Various bug fixes & Improvements

I'm still trying to figure out how 489 Jedi: Survivor players died to Rick the Door Technician.

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