Dying Light collectibles location guide

Old Town: Voice Mails #11-16 

Voicemail Recording #11

Voicemail Recording #12

Voicemail Recording #13

East Residences, Through a Narrow Atrium
Head to the east side of Old Town as indicated on the map. Look for a very small atrium that connects one of the commercial areas with a nearby waterway. Climb up the walls in the atrium to reach an open window on the fourth floor. This leads into a residence. Walk past a couple rooms to find the voicemail in a phone resting on a table.

Voicemail Recording #14

4th Floor Bar %26 Grill
Head to the centre of the map, near the central safehouse. From the safehouse, head one building over toward the northwest. Look for a bar and restaurant on the 4th floor of the building. The phone with the voicemail is behind the bar.

Voicemail Recording #15

Residence in Courtyard, North
Go north and look for an open space with lots of abandoned cars. Survey the area and look for an open window on a second floor residence. Climb through the window and inspect the nightstand next to the bed in the very room you entered. On the nightstand is the phone with the voicemail message.

Voicemail Recording #16

Northeast Residences
Head to the far northeast corner of the map, then go into one of the two-storey residences. On the second floor of one of the villas is a dresser with a wedding photo and a phone. The phone contains the voicemail message.

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